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August Guild - New Website Design Launch

Digizu is extremely proud to introduce August Guild's new website design / landing page. August Guild is a monthly subscription box of male grooming products that are great value for money and that actually last a full month!

Free Layouts & Templates using the Tailwind CSS framework

I have released a public repository on Github where I will be uploading free layouts for anyone to use. There will be at least 1 new layout published every week so be sure to keep checking back, or even consider subscribing to the repository so you don't miss an update.

Why your shop needs an ecommerce website in 2019

An ecommerce website is a site which enables your business to sell items and products to a larger, more targeted online audience. Nowadays, an expanding number of customers lean toward making the majority of their buys on the web and in such a situation, having an online business site for your business is a must for 2019.

How to get the most out of working remotely whilst travelling

If you're about to venture on a long trip abroad, but still want to stay connected so you can keep working while you're away, check out the list below of the best ways to get the best out of working & travelling.You may or may not know, but I'm doing just that while running Digizu remotely.

Introducing Digizu Pages. Create your own free form pages!

We have created a new product that we think you’ll like. We’re calling it Digizu Pages.With Digizu Pages you’ll be able to create your own custom pages, with various different form inputs, all for free!Take a look at the kind of page you’re just minutes away from creating.

How to improve your website speed & performance

A website is a great platform to showcase everything about your company - but only if it's performing at its best.That's why we created a free service to let you know exactly how your website is performing, and what you can do to improve it.

The house that CSS built.

Following on from our previous post on how to create a panda icon... Here's one of a house using only CSS and a few HTML elements.The trickiest parts of this build was the slanted roof, and the triangle shaped gable. Try and guess how we acheived the results below before delving into the code for the answer.

CSS Components #2 "Ribbon Heading"

Part 2 in the CSS components series; let's make a ribbon heading. This one probably won't be as widely used as the previous hamburger menu icon, but it's still a cool little CSS trick that you may find useful in an upcoming website design.

CSS Components #1 "Hamburger Menu"

The hamburger menu has been widly used as an icon typically placed in the top corner of a website interface, its use is to toggle a hidden menu (usually for mobile websites or apps).One of my biggest facinations with CSS is that almost anything can be created using it, without the use of external images.I wanted to create a mini series that shows how easily this can be done, and showcase the code used so you can use it yourself within your own website.

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